Where the Past Is Present and the Arts Are Alive

Mission and Vision

OUR MISSIONThe Museum collects, researches, interprets, teaches, and preserves the history, heritage, and culture of the Fredericksburg region. We serve a diverse community through a commitment to inclusion, integrity, credibility, and relevance. We will facilitate an understanding and appreciation of how the acts of those who preceded us have shaped this community and the nation at large—providing both lessons and inspiration as we work together to forge a greater community.

OUR VISION:  Our vision is to serve our diverse community and its neighbors through a commitment to inclusion, integrity, credibility, and relevance.  We will be an institution that facilitates the recognition and understanding of the region’s nation-shaping history through exploration of our past, illumination of the present, and visioning of the future.


During its first twenty-five years, the Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center built a fine collection of artifacts and art that provide points of entry to reflect on our community’s past. The passionate dedication of community leaders to treasure the Fredericksburg region’s history led to the creation of this institution and has fostered its growth ever since. Today, the Museum is in an exciting phase of transition. Looking forward to its next twenty-five years, the institution will focus on meeting the ever-changing needs of its audience. We serve a growing and diverse group of visitors, community members and students who support our efforts to provide an opportunity to learn from the rich history of our region in ways that are meaningful to them.

Our collection of historic treasures will continue to form the basis of our permanent exhibitions and the stories they tell. Multi-media interpretation, expanded public programming, interactive learning opportunities and a view of history from multiple perspectives will enhance the Museum’s experiential quality. We will eagerly explore our vast potential as a 21st-century museum.

While the history of the Fredericksburg region is in many ways unique, it is also parallel to the history of our nation. And while stories told at the Museum are often rooted in the past, they are stories of human experience that reach across generations to connect with the present.