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Collections & Exhibitions

The collection of the Fredericksburg Area Museum consists of objects significant to Fredericksburg and the surrounding area.  It reflects the culture, history, and lifestyles of the region’s past and present inhabitants.  Objects reflect the finest workmanship and design; are the best examples of their representative type; contribute to a better understanding of the region’s history; and contribute in some important way to the visual story of the development of the region’s arts and culture.  The Museum received its first donation to the collection in 1986. Since that time, the collection has grown to include over 8,000 individual objects and artifacts drawn from all aspects of the Fredericksburg region’s history. Objects in the collection include books, furniture, silver, documents, maps, photographs, textiles, glass, stoneware, objects of historical use in industry and agriculture, weapons, and Native American artifacts. The largest single gift to the Museum, and the donation that formed the core of the collection, was made in 1990 by the Historic Fredericksburg Foundation.

Current exhibitions include: