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Introductory Art Camp: Wearable Art Ages 8-10

Date: July 7 – July 9, 2014

About Introductory Art Camp: Wearable Art Ages 8-10

Due to a lack of participants, this camp has been cancelled. Student’s already signed up will be asked to attend the July 14-16 camp. For further inquiries please contact 540-371-3037 x140.

Spring is in the air and parent’s thoughts are turning to summer vacation activities to keep kids engaged and learning during the holiday. For many families, this means camp! This year, the Museum is offering four summer camps during July aimed at helping your children understand the intersection of art and history in the Rappahannock River Region.

As part of our continuing slate of programming accompanying our year-long exhibit Woman Adorned: Transcending Time, Transforming Culture, the theme of this year’s four camps is Wearable Art. Each camp will examine how the clothing and items we put on our bodies reflect and shape who we are while learning the techniques to create these items.

During the Introductory Camp, campers aged 8-10 will work with local artists to explore a different art form each day. This camp will provide a broad overview of the theme and introductory art experiences.

The FAMCC’s half-day summer camps run from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM. The cost for the camp, which includes all supplies and snacks, is $90.00 for museum members and $115.00 for non-museum members.

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For further questions contact Anne Marie Paquette at apaquette@famcc.org or 540-371-3037 ext. 141.

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