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Meet the Board of Directors!

The Fredericksburg Area Museum’s Board of Directors is comprised of 16 community members dedicated to preserving and teaching the history and culture of the Fredericksburg region.

Mr. Andre Pineda

Mr. William (Bill)  J. Lynch, Jr.
Vice Chairman

Mrs. Elizabeth (Liz) King

Mrs. Jeanette Woodcock

Mr. Michael (Mike) Adams

Mr. Timothy (Tim) Bornholtz

Dr. John Coker

Mr. William (Bill) Freehling, City of Fredericksburg

Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw, City of Fredericksburg

Mr. Elliott Jones

Mr. Matthew (Matt) Kelly, City of Fredericksburg

Ms. Michele Mansouri

Ms. Sara Poore, President & CEO

Dr. John Rose

Mrs. Nanette (Tricia) Smelter

Mr. Joseph Szadvari, III

Mr. Cedric Rucker