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Constance Joy (Reimer) Alvarez

Constance Joy (Reimer) Alvarez was born July 4, 1914 in Denver, CO. When she was three, her family moved to Brooklyn, NY. She remembers noticing the light patterns while her mother pushed her carriage on the way to the Brooklyn Museum. Growing up, she always had a pencil in her hand and took Saturday classes at Traphagen School of Fashion Design and Pratt Institute. She was accepted to Pratt, but the early death of her father and the Depression made that dream unattainable. In business school she illustrated the school magazine to help pay tuition and created a series of Christmas cards for the women’s clothing company her mother worked for. After raising her children and retiring as Director of Volunteers at Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville, New York, she moved to her paradise Cape Cod. There, she took up her paints and pencils again, focusing on portraits. At a young 92 she found herself in Millbrook, New York in an independent apartment right down the hall from her community’s art studio. Here for eight years she has painted her much loved Native American faces, the birds on her balcony, trees out her window and some of the staff.

Honored by her grandson David Durham & family