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“Boogie Shoes” Workshop Registration

Instructor: Jeremy Moore
When: August 23, 2014
Time: 1- 4 PM
Location: The Fredericksburg Area Museum & Cultural Center’s Learning Center
Cost: $40, plus the cost of shoes
Ages: 13+

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Shoe Policy
New, unworn, light colored cloth shoes are required for this workshop. If participants show up without new shoes to work on, they will not be allowed to participate and no refunds will be offered.The Museum recommends Vans, Toms, or Keds.

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Image Release Form
During the workshop, volunteers and management may photograph the participants while they are completing their projects and artwork. Please sign below authorizing that you understand that pictures taken at the FAMCC Women Adorned Workshop Series may be used in promotion or perpetuity of future workshops and events of FAMCC. Your signature also signifies your understanding that no claims may be made against FAMCC or artist for the use, whatsoever, of these photographs, videos or recordings.

By signing below, I signify that I understand that there will be no consideration, monetary or otherwise, required from the FAMCC or artists in exchange for the use of the above described content and that I abide by the above described content:

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Cancellation Policy:
In order to receive a full refund of your paid registration fee, you must notify Tramia Jackson at the FAMCC no later than 1 week prior to the day of the workshop (August 15, 2014). Please understand that upon cancellation of your child’s registration, FAMCC will open his or her spot in the workshop to someone on the waiting list. If you decide that you want to reinstate your registration, you will be placed on the waiting list behind those already on it (our policy is: First-Come, First-Served) and will have to wait for, if one arises, a vacant spot.

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Note: Please note that payment for the workshop is due at registration. For registration online, payment must be paid through the paypal link below with a credit card. Please come to the museum store to register and pay with cash or check.