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Civil War to Civil Rights: Trail To Freedom Teacher Resources Tool kit

The Civil War to Civil Rights: Trail to Freedom Teacher Resources Tool Kit is a guide to local African American history. Created for educators and students, this resource includes articles and stories, key vocabulary, timelines, lesson ideas,  resources to historic sites and local organizations, and other resources.  This guide is supported by the Virginia SOLs.

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Trail to Freedom Committee (formerly the Crossing Work Group) is a conglomeration of historic sites and city government officials who have a desire to continue the efforts began in 2009 to commemorate and interpret the thousands of slaves who passed to freedom in the Fredericksburg region—many of them crossing the Rappahannock—throughout the Civil War.  The TTF will not just focus on the moment of freedom, but will understand and interpret newly freed slaves’ uncertain journey into freedom—their quest to find work and homes in a reordered society—including the decision by some to return as soldiers to fight for others’ freedom. By undertaking research, developing interpretive media, supporting artistic expression, and practicing continuous outreach to the public and other historical organizations, TTF will establish freedom and emancipation as clear and present themes in this region’s historical narrative, demonstrating The Crossing’s relevance to the nation, to individuals directly affected, and to the generations that have followed.

The Trail to Freedom Education Committee, in association with the larger TTF, will work with Stafford, Spotsylvania, and Fredericksburg schools to develop special programs for children—4, 5, 6, as well as high schools—that make connections between the experience of ancestors and those of their descendants, demonstrating how the achievement of freedom and equality was iterative, begotten of immense sacrifice and courage spanning generations.  This Trail to Freedom Teacher Resource Tool Kit is the first project undertaken by the committee to fulfill this mission.

The Trail to Freedom Teacher Resource Toolkit is sponsored by the Trail to Freedom-John J. Wright Education & Cultural Center Museum and  Stafford County Department of Tourism.

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