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Sounds of Summer Concert Series Survey!

Thank you for supporting the Fredericksburg Area Museum & Cultural Center’s  Sounds of Summer Concert Series 2013! In order to make the series even better next year, please take a moment and complete the survey below. Thank you again for your support!  See you next year in Market Square!

1. Are you a local resident of Fredericksburg?
 Yes No

2. If not, where are you from?

3. Have you ever visited the Fredericksburg Area Museum & Cultural Center (FAMCC)?
 Yes No No, I do not know about the FAMCC

4. Are you an FAMCC Member or Volunteer?
 Yes, I am a Member Yes, I am a volunteer No

5. How many times have you attended our Sounds of Summer Concerts?
 0 1-5 6-10 11-15 More than 15

6. How would you rate your overall experience?
 Poor Good Average Better than average Exceptional

7. How did you hear about tonight's event? (check all that apply)
 Friend Email Mailing Newspaper Online Just walking by!

If other, please specify

8. Please rank the items 1 thru 4 from what you enjoyed the most to what you enjoyed the least. (Museum Visit, Band, Atmosphere, Setting)

9. Did you enjoy the type of music played at the concerts?
 Yes No


10. Has the concert series impacted your visit to Downtown Fredericksburg? (shopping, dinning, etc)
 Yes No

if yes, in what ways?

11. What other kinds of events are you interested in?
 Films Lectures Demonstrations Auctions Workshops or classes Special Tours Children’s Activities

If other, please specify

Additional Comments

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