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Featured Merchandise: Silver Collection of Civil War Art

Pieces from the Silver Art Collection limited edition signed giclees are on sale in the Museum Store for a limited time from now until January 31. Prints and posters are also available for purchase at regular price.  For information please contact the Museum Store at 540-371-3037 ext. 125.

#27 - Lee's Headquarters - Schmehl

“Lee’s Headquarters” by Bradley Schmehl

20″x30″ Giclee and  18″x24″ Poster available

This masterful piece depicts a morning scene at Lee’s camp headquarters. Robert E. Lee is accompanied by Gen. Stonewall Jackson and Gen. James Longstreet. Select image to enlarge.

Giclee : $350.00 Sale : $175.00

Poster: $25.00

Let Us Try_thumb

“Let Us Try” by Mark Churms

20″x30″ Giclee and  18″x24″ Poster available

Churms’s daring painting depicts the Union army engineers constructing the pontoon bridge over the Rappahannock River amid Confederate fire. The city of Fredericksburg shows through smoke in the background. Select image to enlarge.

Giclee : $350.00 Sale : $175.00

Poster: $25.00

 #33 - Street Fighting In Fredericksburg - Rocco

“Street fighting in Fredericksburg” by Keith Rocco

20″x30″ Giclee available

This dramatic piece shows the man to man combat that happened in the streets of Fredericksburg. Fredericksburg saw the first street fighting in North America. Select image to enlarge.

Giclee : $350.00 Sale : $175.00


“Clara Barton at Chatham House” by Pamela Patrick White

20″x30″ Giclee available

This moving piece shows the famous nurse Clara Barton tending to the wounded at Chatham. Chatham House in Stafford was used as headquarters and hospital for the Union Army during the Battle of Fredericksburg. Select image to enlarge.

Giclee : $350.00 Sale : $175.00

#51 - Little Miracles - Presse

“Complete” (or, “Little Miracles”) by Heidi Presse

20″x30″ Giclee available

Presse’s piece depicts the heartwarming reunion of General Jackson and his family. Here he is holding his daughter for the first time. Select image to enlarge.

Giclee : $350.00 Sale : $175.00

#62 - Permit Me to Handle the Troops - Schmehl

“Permit Me to Handle the Troops” by Bradley Schmehl

20″x30″ Giclee available

This piece shows General Lee’s enthusiastic meeting with General Longstreet. The wooded backdrop of Wilderness and the movements of the officers create a dynamic painting. Select image to enlarge.

Giclee : $350.00 Sale : $175.00

#34 - Taps - Nance

“Taps” by Dan Nance

20″x30″ Giclee available

Nance’s work illuminates the battlefield before the charge on Marye’s Heights. The Confederates have fallen back from Fredericksburg and look out over the new front. Their position atop the Heights permits a view of Fredericksburg, still burning at the hands of the Union. Select image to enlarge.

Giclee : $350.00 Sale : $175.00


#38 - Onward Georgians! - Troiani

“Onward Georgians” by Don Troiani

24.5″x33″ Print available

|This exciting piece depicts Captain Jordan rallying the 49th GA to defend the rail lines near Fredericksburg. The young Captain had been knocked to the ground by a shell blast before rising again to face the enemy. Select image to enlarge.

Print: $250.00


#48 - The Mud March - Kunstler

“Mud March” by Mort Kunstler

18.5″x34″ Print available

After the Battle of Fredericksburg, General Burnside struggled  to outmaneuver Robert E. Lee. Kusntler’s work shows the Army of the Potomac determinedly hauling artillery and supplies through a rainstorm’s mired roads. Select image to enlarge.

Print: $450.00


Angel of Marye's Heights_Kunstler

“Angel at Marye’s Heights” by Mort Kunstler

23″x33″ Print available

This moving piece by Kunstler shows a brave soldier’s attempt to comfort enemy wounded. Richard Kirkland descended Marye’s Heights to bring water to fallen Union soldiers after their failed charge. Select image to enlarge.

Print: $350.00