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History of the Catherine W. Jones McKann Center

The Planters National Bank building was constructed in 1927 in the style of noted architect, Sir Christopher Wren.  For nearly eighty years, the building was a financial anchor in the City, assisting locals during economic successes and struggles, and bearing witness to the growth of the Fredericksburg community.

In 2004, the Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center purchased the historic Planters National Bank building in an effort to expand.  The bank building, along with the building next door, the Carley dress shop, was retrofit to join the two interior spaces while preserving the architectural integrity of both historic buildings.  The distinct exteriors of the two buildings remained, reflecting a timeless character of downtown Fredericksburg.  In addition, many interior elements of the historic bank building were retained, including, the bank vaults, chandelier, teller’s desk, and marble trim.

The historic Planters National Bank building, now the Catherine W. Jones McKann Center, continues to be a link between the past and the present.  The historic architectural elements, along with exhibitions exploring Fredericksburg’s history and culture, bring the past alive.