Where the Past Is Present… Where the Arts Are Alive

Path to History Engraved Bricks

Honor a loved one, mark a significant milestone, become a part of Fredericksburg history for generations to come! In fall 2007 FAMCC began a new program that offers the community a chance to participate in….

Family Fun at the Museum

To complement our exhibitions and extensive collection of artifacts, FAMCC holds programs and events throughout the year that are both fun and educational. In addition to our regularly scheduled activities, new program initiatives are always….

We Can Never Go Back

The Civil War figuratively consumed Fredericksburg — it was, indeed, the city’s defining, transformative event. The futures of the residents — African-American, women, children, soldiers, Unionsits, confederates, abolitionists, slave-traders — was forever altered, and their….

Village along the Rappahannock River

Portal, Passage, Power: An American River Town

The story of the Rappahannock River begins with the Algonquian-speaking peoples who lived in this area prior to European contact. Geared especially toward families with children, this portion of the exhibit will have several areas….

The History of Our Homes Tours

Join us on as we explore the homes and history of one of the City’s oldest neighborhoods. Tour guides will discuss centuries of architecture and will unravel the histories of people who helped shape the….